Peter Jacobs

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Basically a "whip" is telescopic throughout, although some of the more expensive longer whips are tele' for the first 3 sections ad take apart for the rest.

One of the whips I have is a Milo Luxury whip that is 8m and at 325g is an excellent piece of kit. as such it can be fished from about 2½m and by adding sections up to the full 8m.

The other major difference is that, typically, a whip is never elasticated and had a thin spaghetti tip, although when we used to fish those large Scandinavian matches then the top section was cut back and a length of power gum fitted to assist wth larger fish.

I have whips from 1½m ip to 10m in length, and up to 8m I use Milo Alborella and over that Atom whips that are very much sturdier for larger fish.

Hope this helps . . . .


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If anyone is looking for a very inexpensive whip setup for kids, I really recommend the 3m set from Decathlon. It is £11 and comes with 2 rigs and floats, a disgorger and a plummet. My little girl loves using hers and has now abandoned rods and reels! She's pulled a fair few fish out with it since her birthday, appears to be great value for money up to now.....just got to hope she doesn't hit into a ten pound carp!


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Using a whip is the best way for kids to learn. It's far easier for kids to learn everything from plummeting to feeding. Coupled with small fish that are easy to get bites from and hooked with no trouble kids soon get the bug.