Who fancies a day at Boddington ..?

peter crabtree

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Oct 8, 2008
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Metroland. SW Herts
Sunday 24th May.

Boddington reservoir . Roach Mecca. Not a match.

Who’s interested?

Reply below please...

The water level should be near the top of the steps so pole fishing may be possible.

I suggest we meet between 9am and 10 at the North car park which is situated on the road between Upper Boddington and Byfield. There isn’t an accurate postcode for it?

Boddington Reservoir
Byfield NN11 6UD
07740 534891

If you are approaching from Upper Boddington it will be on your right.
From Byfield, the left, beyond the sailing club car park.

There are no long walks involved but there are some steps or a ramp to get up to the bank. Not too strenuous...

Parking is free.

Day tickets are £7 or £4 OAP.

The pegs are all level concrete with steps down to them. There are 3 levels to sit on at different heights due to the rise and fall of the water level.

Average depth is 6’-8’ depending on water level.

What to bring?

Float and feeder gear mainly, good roach can be caught close in on waggler or whip.
Carp and tench on feeder, pellet waggler.
Pike to pike tactics.

There are no food outlets on site, or anywhere near, so bring your own.

Hopefully the weather will be favourable. It can be quite windy there as it’s quite high up, so naturally
bring suitable attire....
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john step

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Oct 17, 2011
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Yes me too. Best £4 of roach fishing I ever had last October.