why are they shying away?


michael rouse

i went to my local trout fishery today . i caught 1 rainbow out of a possible 3.the lake was still and other anglers were pulling them out on the same size dry.the first trout was inches from the fly but swirled underneath it .this happened once more.can anyone tell me what im doing wrong?

Ron Troversial Clay

Was your leader sunk?

A floating leader on the surface of the water will scare trout make no mistake. Use either fluorocarbon, which sinks faster than nylon or pull your leader through a mixture of washing up liquid and Fullers Earth.

Use a good fly floatant such as Gherkes Gink.

Some times whilst fishing a dry fly on still water, a trout will make a vortex under your fly, the fly will disappear and when you strike you miss. When this happens, wait a bit and watch your line. Tighten into the fish if the line pulls. Rainbow trout have a habit of drowning your dry fly before taking it.

Hope this helps.