Why arent i catching :(

Dont think im doing any thing wrong just might be down to pure bad luck been been out 8 or 9 times this season {injuries permitting,dont ask}, and no matter what i do i cant seem to catch ive broke my pb chub along the way but no matter what i use boiles, pellets, meat, hemp and maggot im just not catching barbel im fishing the middle trent around Nottinghamn with bolt rigs, maggot feeders and free running rigs nothing to complicated and fussy with braid, fluro carbon or normal mono hook lengths, this time last yr i couldnt stop catching i know this spell of warm weathers affected things this past week or two but am i doing anything blatentley wrong? i was fishing at 2.00 this morning till first light and not a knock other than a foul hooked pike up the arse! So please help or ill have no bloody hair left! Thanks chaps.

Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA-Life Member)

The most likely reason why you are not catching barbel is that there are none where you are fishing.

First rule of succesful angling is to find the fish. Barbel love gravel and snags. Make sure you are fishing over a gravel bottom. To locate gravel, rig up a spare rod with braided line and a 3 or 4 ounce lead. Cast it out and drag it in, feeling the bottom. If the rod tip vibrates, you are on gravel.

Try where possible to fish the outside of bends. You don't have to cast very far for this.

Fishing known swims will work at times, but often these spots are over-pressurised. Best thing to do is go and find your own swims. It's probably a good idea to spend several days walking the river looking, without your tackle. Barbel have a tendency to roll in the evenings or early mornings. I even saw a little one jump clean out of the river two days ago.
Thanks for the advice Ron looks like im getting my walking boots out and the fat dogs gonna get some exercise, was talking to some 1 who fished the same venue on saturday and he only saw the 1 fish come out all day, like you said the pressure could have effected them as Beeston wier does get very busy this time of year.
Just want to say thanks again for the advice Ron, went yeterday didnt actually land any whiskers, {im cursed with bad luck these last few months} But i did manage to loose 2, hook pulled out 1st time which was my own fault sloppy angling with a rig i knew wasnt right for the bait and the 2nd one came all the way to the net before it winked at my and waved bye byeand slipped the hook {wasnt my fault with a sloppy rig that time}