Why Use Reflective Tape On Your Rod For Night Fishing?

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Part Of Personalizing Your Gear!

Fishing at night requires different gear & concerns. On jet black nights it may be hard to locate your rigs. This is why i use light reflective tape by 3M. I've even seen a guy step on his rod snapping it because he couldn't find it in the dark. A focused beam light source is best. Also if you're fishing with others this is part of personalizing your gear.

This is very easy to do. Just got to put the time in is all. Most tackle shops should carry light reflective tape. I mostly use the 3M brand. Used it for years. Also the Izuo Brothers brand works just as well. All my rods (except my ultra-lites) have reflective tape on them. I've done a few quick vids on this but i still get asked by other anglers on how & why i tape my rods. I hope you'll find this video educational.

(I also put reflective tape on my rock & sand spikes).