Wothington Reservoirs nr Wigan


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Jul 30, 2007
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down the lane
I was up visiting in the Standish area of Wigan last week and took the opportunity to walk round the above (I think one is called Ardley?) reservoirs on Sunday afternoon. Not a bad drop of water at all at first sight so I was surprised to see only one chap fishing.
These waters were formed back in the 1850's (from memory) by the damming of the River Douglas and are generally 9m deep in places and not much less at the edges.
From what I could glean from this one chap they contain all the usual species including some good bream and quality roach with some decent carp in one of the 'feeder' ponds...

The river, although diverted from it's original course still runs into the reservoirs and can supply water to Wigan if necessary. I would like to think that being stream fed the reservoirs could hold some very good roach.......

Day tickets available and run by Warrington AS ??

Anyone fished them??