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Ron Troversial Clay

I walked into Yorkshire Game Angling this morning, mainly to top up on some fly tying materials.

I came out stretching the plastic a bit (as you do) and bought myself a cracking 9 foot 3 piece 5/6 weight fly rod for ?50. It's a Lureflash Cobra and the quality and action is absolutely superb. In fact I would put it against any of the top American rods of a similar spec.

This rod will certainly do me for a lot of my river fishing and for small still waters.

OK the list price was ?114.00, but even at that price it is good value for money.

Any of you who are looking for some great fly tackle at good prices this springtime need look no further than Yorkshire Game Angling.

Their fly tying materials range is excellent too. And they sell Sightfree Fluoro for less than a fiver a 50 metres spool too.

And I don't get a penny from them for saying this.

They also have a website. You will find it on google.

I will do a review on these rods when I get to fish with them - tomorrow I hope.