10' -11' Waggler Rod


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Save your money and go for what is mentioned in the posts, they are all reasonably priced and do the job.


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Apologises for hijacking this thread, but like the OP, I too am looking for a nice soft action11ft waggler rod, something that will handle the odd 4lb plus carp but mainly 2 to 3lb tench, roach and crucians, I have an idea of what is available, but I don't want to influence posters views..... please let me know what you'd be looking to buy, budget is 200 quid..

I bought the Cadence 11' #2 waggler rod, Which used on commercials and had no probs with 12lb Mirrors, lots large Ide and Chub to 5lb plus and 1lb plus roach yet to hook a Tench. Great action and casts Drennan Blues 20 metres with a problem. Well worth the £80.


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I had a look at the Cadence rods at the Northern Angling Show and was impressed,
for such a slim blank they seem powerful rods and the number system is a good idea as well.
A friend picked up one of the longer waggler rods and said the tip recovery speed is fantastic.
Unfortunately I do not need another rod otherwise I would seriously consider one.
I want another rod but don't need one :wh