peter boag

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Jul 22, 2003
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I am new to fly fishing and have just bought my first starter outfit. with the outfit i got 75 yards of backing. do i put all of it onto the reel?

Peter Murray

Hi Peter, I am guessing your kit is around 8 wieght. Just wind all the backing on and then the fly line. If the reel is to full the line will catch on the reel crossbars,but it will probably be OK. The reels in kits are usually big enough. Then get to a friendly fishery and get going. Try to relax, there will be other people around who will help to get you going. Tell the fishery manager you are starting out, and he will more than likely give you some help. If you enjoy yourself you will change the kit later, so dont spend too much time worrying, get out and have fun. Ask around, or read the magazines (Trout Fisherman, etc) for a handy fishery near you. Good luck out there. Enjoy yourself.