Bait used in sea fishing


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Recently started sea fishing using lures and feather rigs. What options do I have if I wanted to use bait instead? (Not from a boat, just piers)

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The best all round bait is peeler crab but it depends what you want to catch? If your fishing for mullet for example they will also take bread, chips and ice cream cones from piers and harbours. If you want to change flavours (always a good idea) you could try SEASPAWN on a pennel rig. Simply activate them with SAC juice or a flavour of your choosing. SEASPAWN™ 200ml tub, LAGUNA Fishing Products

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I like to buy a box of squid. After i defrost everything i make doubled sandwich bags & separate everything. I add sea salt crystals to the bags. The salt toughens the bait. I also do this with shrimp. Still can't beat live bait such as crab. Good luck Alex, i myself love piers.


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If you are summer float fishing for mackerel. Use mackerel or squid strip

Depending on the sea bed in the winter lug, rag worm, peeler crab, squid, mackerel

Chat with the local and see what they use also the tackle shop


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It's cool to be able to do shore fishing. I spent many summers in Brittany, following shoals of mackerel, sea bass, mullet, pout or targeting the biggest labrus.
Two successful baits were nereid (long black worms) and simply the grey shrimp (cragon). The grey shrimp is easy to get from superstores.
Really efficient and easy to use on any float rig in particular.