Barbel after dark on the Float.


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Jul 23, 2015
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I'm off fishing later today (at last:p) But this year, I'm going to try more laying on with a float after dark for those river species .( A bit later on in the season.) I've made some Avon floats that will take those snap isotopes push in's. Has anyone else tried this for Barbel or other species? I bet it could be good for big Roach too.

Neil Maidment

Oct 7, 2003
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I've had the occasional barbel trotting the float/isotope combination but a lot more chub. I started to take it more seriously several years ago on the Dorset Stour where the last hour or so into dusk can be their switch on time. One the age old dodges is to allow a few more yards of trot even if you've lost sight of the float, in my case it was a few revolutions of the centrepin. It can work!

I decided to trot it a bit more effectively and well into dark rather than switch to a static or freelined bait and had a fair amount of success especially with chub. It pays to know the swim your fishing very well as things "change" after dark!

It can liven up and extend the somewhat harder daylight sessions.

These were two nice chub that fell to the extra couple of revolutions of the centrepin routine :)

IMG_7914 (600 x 458).jpg


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Jun 3, 2008
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I have a done a fair bit of river float Isotope fishing after dark, usually with Roach in mind.

Stret pegging is tailor made for it but you need to be in the right swim. Near bank eddies can be good to…you can let a float drift round and round on a shortish line under the rod tip. Or just straight trotting but as Neil mentioned best to know the swim well before you try this.

For some reason - probably just coincidence- I have done better on bread than maggots but I dont have an explanation as to why....maybe the bait it just bigger and more visable but I am guessing.