Big Bream


goose ganderton

Its me again......
anyone got any ideas on how best to takget big bream and i mean big. one of the lakes i fish at mid kent fisheries holds bream upto 17Ib but one of the baliffs said i would never catch them only at spawning time. Ive seen them and they are huge and i have made it my mission this season to target them they are wonderful. Any ideas.


Yeagh Goose the only 17lb Bream that exist in Mid Kents waters(IMO)are in the imagination of the fishery manager.There is no where that I know of in this area with Bream much over 12lb.I know of one water localy that procuces fish into low doubles on a regular basis.The difference between a 10-12 and 15,16,17 is massive there are only a slack handfull of waters in the country that produc Bream of this size.I would love to be PROVED wrong but seriously doubt it!If you want details of the water I know just ask.

By the way one of the switched on bailiffs at Chillam reported a 14lbCarp a mate of mine caught as a Tench!