Black Spiders


Robert Draper

I've been told that a stream on a ticket I have fishes well with little black spiders, very small ones. I was thinking of tying my own rather than buying them (since I'll probably need lots, I'm not very good at overgrown brooks...). I assume I'll need the following

black thread
black hackles of some sort
hackle pliers
bobbin holder
whip-finish tool

Can anyone think of anything else (apart from hooks before anyone says) I'll need and more importantly a book with step-by-step instructions.

I'll try more adventurous flies when I've got the hang of it...

Rob Jones

Hi Robert,

For my Black Spiders, I add a fine silver wire rib on the thread body and a couple of turns of peacock herl behind a starling feather hackle.

I strip one side of the starling feather, tie in by the tip and use no more than 2 turns.

I'd leave out the varnish lest it creeps up the hackle and stiffens it. Just rely on the whip finish.

I'd start with 16s - handling feathers small enough for 18s and 20s is decidedly tricky!

You've been informed right, they are a good fish-catcher!


Mark Frame

get your self the fly tying vids advertised in trout an salmon they show up close and very informative for tying spiders and most other flies your likely to use

imo 20 quid well spent