brockamin pools,best day ticket fishery in worcester?


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ive been fishing pools all over worcester 4 the last 4 years in search of the elusive 20pdrs.....ive done stints at holt fleet,top barn where i was a member,larford lakes & the best of managed was 18pd 4oz,basically 4 last 4 years when i took up specy carp angling ive fished pools all over the midlands 4 my 1st 20pdr,in the end i ended up going france where i caught carp 2 33pd 1oz but i still wanted 2 get my 1st 20pdr from uk....anyway ill get 2 the point,a guy at work a match angler been banging on about brockamin pools 2 me 4 the last 2 yearssaying theres sum lumps in there,but cus he's a match angler i just ignored his advice,until recently i decided 2 go & fell in love with the place,theres 2 pools top & bottom,bigger fish are in the bottom meant 2 go over 30pds.....anyway yesterday was only my 4th visit 2 the venue & it was the best session of my life,i fished bottom pool back of 1st island bread on top & firing out a few floaters,by the end of the session i had 40carp,over 400pd of fish & a new uk pb a 21pd common.....surely the best day ticket fishery in worcester or does any1 know 1 better?

Steve King

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Commercial fisheries are not my first choice, but I do enjoy a session on them now and then. Other fisheries in the area that I like are Woodland View and Astwood. I keep meaning to try Leigh Sinton.