Crazy Last Minute Easter April Fools Day Fish!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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April 1, 2018 - Happy Easter! April Fools Day!

Time to lie about finding that Easter Egg. Lol! Was suppose to be raining. I got up at 7am & it was sunny. So i grabbed a casting dunking & spin whipping rig, threw them in my beach wagon & took off to locate fishy smelling Easter eggs.

My medium surf casting rig consist of-
13'3" custom IRW w/a Shimano Ultegra 5500 CI4.

The whipping spin-casting rig is-
10'9" Okuma T-40X Salmon Steelhead w/a Shimano Stradic 3000.

Lures used for the spin casting rig-
CHL "Completely Hooked Lures" Herring grubs.

This day had some crazy fish action. Schools of "nehu" baitfish were hugging the shallows to escape the predators (Trevally, Ladyfish & Barracudas) that were over the drop. Terns & gulls were swooping them up from the air. I got there mid morning and noticed in a short time the action was slowing down. I immediately used my whipping rig w/a CHL Herring to cast into everything. I saw a roughly 15-20lb Trevally GT break water & grabbed the grub. This scared everything into silence.

That 1st run caused the braid mainline to hit the shoreline shrubs & the line snapped, dropping me flat on my back. I think i went through ALL the swear words in the English, Filipino & Japanese language! I got up, re-rigged laughing & my next cast a A'wa "Ladyfish" took the lure but immediately spit it out. Fantastic jumper! By now everything died down so i had time to get my video camera & rig my dunking rig with shrimp. After all this action the fish became skittish. Bluefin Trevally ventured into the shallows to herd the baitfish to pockets. Nothing was hitting after that.

Lunchtime. I noticed 2 massive piles of baitfish were being "pushed" together by a large silvery Trevally. I whipping a Herring grub between the schools & bingo! My 1st Easter egg of the day! I used 2/0 circle hooks for a solid hook-up in the mouth. Nice fish. So i let it go to get bigger for our next battle.

After i brought the fish in i noticed strange noises coming off my whipping rig. Seems the insert of the tip came loose (most likely from falling backwards). Didn't want to keep scraping my braid against the tip's metal edge so i had to retire that rig for the day. I'm beginning to really love the CHL Herrings! Going to order more.