Diawa Iso 5.9m Mobile Landing net review


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Oct 27, 2010
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Thought i'd do a review of this landing net handle as it's a weird one for me as I've payed more for my net handle than the rod i'm using at the moment, unusual for me to take a punt like that but i'm glad I did. I Initially bought it for sea fishing as it extends to 5.9m which is just shy of a whopping 20ft, this allowed me to fish lighter lines off harbour walls that are a little too high for normal net handles to reach. It worked well whilst on holiday however it really comes in to it's own when river fishing.

With an adjustable shoulder strap it can be carried mid river no problems whilst wading and closes down to just 72cm the extra length when extended comes in handy to reach over weedbeds netting fish, a flick of the wrist extends it out as far as you want it to and maybe I would have lost some of those roach I had recently were I to have attempted to lift them over the weeds. Also as with the sea fishing high banks are no longer unfishable meaning more water is opened up to fish. I'm not sure how it would cope with a huge fish at such lengths but it seems well built as has lasted a summer of roving with me well. The only downside is the weight especially when fully extended but it's something I've got used to already. RRP is £70-80 but I think some retailers have them for less if you shop around