Drennan Specialist vs Greys Prodigy PB


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Buying a new specialist avon/twin tip rod this week. I've narrowed my options down to 2, and would like peoples opinions on which is better and why.

Drennan Specialist Twin Tip 1.5lb 11ft


Greys Prodigy PB Twin Tip 1.5lb 11ft

I am leaning towards the Greys Prodigy as it comes with 3 quivertips whereas the Drennan comes with 2. I also think the Greys Prodigy looks more pemium and better build quality (which is to be expected at the higher price point)

If you have any advice its most appreciated


sam vimes

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I've not seen either in the flesh, let alone fished with them. However, don't let the extra quiver tip influence you unduly. It's very difficult for a carrier to marry really well with more than one tip anyway. My experiences of other types of Drennan and Greys rods would tend to see me lean towards Drennan. The last part of the equation is just a matter of taste, I prefer the looks of the Drennan.

The last thing to say would be to be wary of pricing. You should be able to get either for around the £80 mark without too much effort.

Drennan Specialist Duo.

Greys PB Twin Tip.


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I have looked at both in a shop once and I too would opt for the Drennan,for one reason,whilst looking at the Grey's rods I picked a couple out of the rack and had a pull on them,feeling the action,well I thought they were two different tc rods,but when reading off of the rods they were both 1.5lb tc,now one was noticeably more powerful than the other,well a guy who I respected who had a couple,Mark Todd(an ex poster on FM),told me that when he picked his second one up it was totally different,he took it back if I remember correctly and found one similar to his original,don't know how,or why this should occur,but Drennan are a bit more consistent...

ian g

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I'd go for the Drennan , I have had a 1.25 version for more years than I can remember and always enjoyed using it . I think in previous years Greys would be better rods , I have 1.5 Barbel Prodigy one of the original ones with more of a through action but of late the standards seem to have slipped.

Phil Adams

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I have a pair of the drennans in 1.5lb 11ft that I use for tenching and chub fishing. I've also used them on a small silty lake for smaller carp. They are a lovely rod.very light in the hand but have great action for subduing fish. They seem happiest casting sub 2oz weights, although I'm sure they could lob heavier if need be. I really like mine and personally wouldnt touch another Grey's rod after previous experiences. Also, regarding the extra quiver tips, all of the drennan specialist tips will fit the rod, so you can buy a range of extra glass or carbon tips in various weights. I bought a few glass tips for slower flows.