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Lord Paul of Sheffield

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On the stretch of the Rother I fish a couple of weirs and a very shallow area that effectively splits the srtetch into 4 section

The section above the shallow part has produced some good chub catches for me - not huge but plenty of fish

Given the resent extra water the shallow section will have deepen and the fish posibbly moved, will the chubbe likely to move or remain in the same area.

Above the shallow part the water is varies from 6ft to 2 foot depending on the time of year - below the shallow area it's about 10 - 12 ft.

Any idea you more experinced river anglers than me?

The Scarlet Maggot

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will the chubbe likely to move or remain in the same area.

Any idea you more experinced river anglers than me?

Aha your after the old chubbes then, ive woken up next to a few as it happens. Though I’m certainly no chubbe specialist I’m sure there are a few on FM with far more experience than I. :D
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Lord Paul, In my experience fish (although different fish than yours)
concentrat below the wier (dam), in periods of high water.
The belief is that increased food supply is flushed over the wier. I would
fish below the wier, maybe in any eddies present.

Tight lines,

In the summer the chub will tend to be in the shallower, more oxygenated, stretches. As it gets colder they will tend to move to deeper areas.

If the water is up significantly then they will tend to move into 'slacks' where there is less flow and turbulence - you just gotta find em!


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Ive been watching severn chub and two perch in a weir pool with no way out due to shallow bits
couldnt see any thing in the thaw due to chocolate coloured water wooshing through
yesterday when I looked I could see they had all gone
Chub are actually aliens that have special 'portals' dotted about the rivers that allow them to seemingly disappear. They can also time travel. Older fish have developed the ability to morph into other species when it suits them - usually eels or very small roach.

slime monster

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Chub are master interceptors of feed and like areas where the food comes to them ,this usually means they will be in the main flow of water especially where the current is pushed to one bank, in my experience unless the water is very dirty a good chub peg will be fairly consistant throughout the season.

Lord Paul of Sheffield

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Well I did say the barbel have been avioding me - maybe you've hit the nail on the head Matt - I did get a good pull in the autumn when I fished there but I got snapped off after about 10 seconds on 6lb line