Fishing in Leicester


Rob Smith

I have recently moved to Leicester because of relocation through work.

As I am relatively new to the area, has anyone got any suggestions for good fishing in the area.

I am very interested in trying the Grand Union Canal for roach, tench etc., River Soar for chub and barbel, River Wreake and Upper Welland for chub and some barbel fishing on the Trent. Also tip fishing for bream, but where?

As you can see, I have no idea whatsoever over the best stretches, how to get to them, day ticket waters, best clubs to join etc., so if anyone has any advice, it would be very gratefully received!!


jason young

I know of a working gravel pit just north of leicster, just of the A46 (at least i think so),at a place called wanlip. It is on the north side of the new road. You need to approach it from
the east bound carridge way. It is about 200 yards from the end of the road on the left. Just drive through the works, there is a carp pool on the right, further in, on the left is a decent size pit. I am told that it holds a lot of bream. It costs ?40 a year to fish, no day tickets available. For further information contact Bennets Angling at Mount Sorrel. PLease let me know how you get on.