fishing on the Thames in Reading


steve jackson

I have the chance soon to fish a stretch of the Thames between Reading and Maple Durham.
Does anyone have any suggestions on fishing methods, species found,baits etc

Martin Park

Usually around that stretch, it is full of Bream and small Roach, a few perch and the odd barbel.

Try flake and caster on the hook over a bed of Van den Enyde "Kaastar" mixed with a shed load of brown breadcrumbs using a big swimfeeder. Chanceas are you will bag up on the dustbin lids, just make sure you have a big keepnet and a good camera ready!!! Last time I fished that strwecth ws at Pangbourne and Child Beale, and what a day that was...but it gets boring after a while on the if you get the chance, head down the A33 to Newbury, Thatcham or Aldermaston where you will find some of the finest Barbel fishing on the Kennet. Check out Upper and Lower Benyons, Reading and District still do day tickets from what I gather...and bring plenty of Hemp with you!