Fishing Scottish Lochs


Hi all,

I'm off to Scotland to do a tour and hopefully a lot of fly fishing for trout - but the permission angle is confusing me (not hard, admittedly!).

I understand that there is no licence for the lochs and that you need to seek permission from the landowner / club (unless it is protected, in which case it should have signs saying so).

However, I'm slightly confused as to how you identify the land owner to get permission in remote areas. If there's a hotel or suchlike I'll happily just ask them but on a small remote loch is there any protocol I should follow? Or are there honesty boxes set up?

Thanks in advance for replies
If you can, pick up a copy of Bruce Sandison's book, Rivers & Lochs of Scotland. This lists just about every fishable water in Scotland, organised by OS map, & provides access details. Unfortunately Bruce died a couple of years ago, & the last revision was, I think, in 2009 so some of the info may be a little out of date, & some of the descriptions may be a little optimistic (!) but as the access in Scotland rarely changes it would be as good a place as any to start. (I've just noticed that there's now a 2013 revision available on Kindle via Amazon).
Sandison also did a book called Trout Lochs of Scotland, although I've not personally seen this so couldn't comment, apart from it being published in 1983 so may not be too reliable!


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me and my mate stayed at the garvault hotel Sutherland they had many lochs some a bit of walking you can hire a argocat