Fly fishing vest for the coarse angler


Terry Ellis

Although I do not fly fish, I wear a fly fishing vest to carry all my hooks and other bits and pieces. My current jacket is now near the end of its life and I want to get a new one. Unfortunately the ones I see for sale nowadays are much shorter and have less pockets than my current one. Does anyone know where I can get a decent size fly fishing vest with lots of pockets. P.S. Pockets on the back are a waste of time as I struggle to reach them without taking it off.

Neneman Nick

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I have aRon Thompson wading jacket,with arms that zip on and off......loads of pockets on it and some rings as well.I have managed to get all my chubbing bits and bobs in it,via clam type boxes etc.... There is a large`ish one in the lower back area,which could easily hold a bottle of drink when out on those summer stalking trips.

The material seems sturdy enough and is shower proof.There is also a hood that stowes away in the collar.My only complaint about it was the elastic waistband,which i thought sat too tightly and tended to ride up the body.A trip to the local alterations folk up the town sorted it out...they removed it andnow i am pleased as punch with it.

I can allways take some pics of it and e-mail them if you want???

I think it`s called the "montana" wading jacket??? iwill double check that though.It was ordered from a game fishing shop if memory serves me correct and i had a good look on the net for the best price and p&p.

Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA)

If you want a big one have a look at Bob Church's website. I have a whopper I think is called the Professional. It has huge pockets and is totally unlike those useless silly little ones that seem to be in vogue these days.

The Bob Churchvestsnot the cheapest, but they ARE the best.


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<blockquote class=quoteheader>Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA) wrote (see)</blockquote><blockquote class=quote>

unlike those useless silly little ones that seem to be in vogue these days.</blockquote>

Yes Nick, why didnt you get the Bob Church one , that one you have is useless!!./forum/smilies/nerd_smiley.gif

you tell him Mr Clay

Steve Holland

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Or you could nip down to your local Army surplus and invest in a Viper Assault vest. Mine cost 25 quid and is perfect when fishing rivers. Pockets everywhere, and the best thing? When you are wearing it, you dont feel the weight of it.

Neneman Nick

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I had the pleasure of meeting bob church once at his premises in northampton many many moons ago,while i was working for parcelforce.....if i had known before hand what a grumpy,miserable,git he was,i would have kicked his parcel around in the back of my truck !!!!