Get Hooked Whipping Taka Flies w/a Linedancer!

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Jan 25, 2018
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Whipping & Shore Casting Baits With 1 Rig For Portability Today!

Explaining Equipment Used-
I used a 11' Daiwa Surf with a Shimano Twin Powers 5K. A decent rig to shore cast baits also can finesse a fly. I carried a 5gal bucket with lid filled with a few necessities (water jug, pliers, kitchen shears, bungee cord, fillet knife, etc) as my utility container. Also my seat. A insulated AO Fish Backpack containing my lunch & fishing supplies. Lastly an extending handle landing net that extends up to 8ft.

Bill Stute of LineDancer was nice enough to send me an assortment of different sized LineDancers to use for my videos. These simple devices WORK. It sends a vibration through the line which the fish senses at the end through the lure. In one of my earlier videos i was hooking fish at 2am during a full moon using these units.

Taka Flies-
No, no relation to me. These hand-tied flies are made by my friend Art Takamiya as a home project. When i made my first hook-up using these flies it was smart of me to keep the tension on the fish. Because when it was landed the hook popped out since Art "pinched" the barbs in to make it barbless. I didn't know this but support barbless hooks. In one of my videos i called in a wounded Hawaiian Monk Seal named Benny that apparently swallowed a shore casters hook. If that hook was barbless the seal may have thrown the hook.

Changing Lead Weights-
At first i used a 1-1/2oz lead egg since i was casting directly into high winds. Problem was it sank to fast and i eventual lost one of my rigs when it got hung-up. And if you tried to retrieve it to fast to keep the lead off the bottom most fish couldn't keep-up with it. So i tried a 3/4oz egg but was to light and i couldn't get my desired casting distance. Lastly i tried the 1oz. For what i was using that day it was perfect. Got the distance needed & kept the retrieval speed optimum without the lead hitting the bottom. Always bring a tray with accessories (ie hooks, swivels, lures, lead eggs, etc). With every different set-up you need to find your game from changing weather patterns, bottom topography to species targeted.

Learn To Follow The Baitfish-
I learned how to fish Chocolate Beach by trial & error. In the fall the small nehu (baitfish) are spawning. This attracts the sardines to feed on them which in turn attracts the larger predators. When i see sardines around acting calm i just throw out a few baited lines. When i see them jumping, running, and moving fast as a group i know a predator has entered the area. If you're lucky it's a school of predators, this day it was only 1. Know your grounds!

Today was a fun Sunday. A late start highlighting a known winner LineDancer to be used on some awesome looking home-made Taka Flies. I wanted to show that when you go out you need a battle plan. In the field you need access to the right equipment. I went light, meaning i hand carried everything in. No utility wagon. Even though i only caught 1 fish, it was executed correctly. Next time it could be a larger fish or even a bunch of them. Think about what is needed & bring what you need. Preparation is key.



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