Horsham Lake, Upchurch, Sittingbourne, Kent


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I'm guessing this section is for reviews of lakes you've fished at, so here goes:

Horsham Lake is in Upchurch, on Horsham Lane. If you search this on Google Maps you can see the lake on the bend of the road.

It is a well stocked lake (not too over stocked) and great for beginners all through to experienced anglers. Horsham Lake is challenging on some days but very rewarding when you get it right.

I fish here every few weeks and the best baits at the moment are maggots, hair rigged luncheon meat, bread and dog biscuit (when it's hot) and hair rigged sweetcorn. Most baits work well but these are the best ones I've used. A method feeder with a small pop up boilie works well too.

It costs £5 to fish with 1 rod (all ages) and £7 to fish with 2 or 3 rods. You can stay overnight but you have to tell the bailiff.

A lot of the swims at Horsham have wooden platforms but you can fish just off the bank. Every swim has features in it and there are reeds nearly all the way round the edge. Float fishing in the margins is very productive.

The fish in Horsham aren't huge, most of the carp are around 4/5lb but there are larger ones and the bailiff said the biggest caught from the lake was a 27lb common a couple of years ago. There are also rudd and roach of a good size, tench, and other species.

I would recommend this lake to anyone and especially people who are just starting because you are almost guaranteed to catch.

Difficulty rating: 2/10