Komodo Baitcasters Modified For Casting That Extra Distance!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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How I Prepare & Adjust The 6 Casting Pins & Modify The Castability!

I've been playing around with my 2 Okuma Komodo Baitcasters. I got the "P" models (meaning Power Handles). At first i found casting Baitcasters extremely different from Spinners. Spinners i can "whiplash" my lures out, can't do that with a Baitcaster. I have to use a smooth full swing that's not jerky or fast. My chosen lines?

Komodo SS KDS-364P
340yd of braid.

Komodo SS KDS-471P
360yd of braid.

Rigid diecast aluminum frame & sideplates.
Corrosion-resistant coating process.
Machined aluminum anodized spool.
Multi-disc high output Carbonite drag system.
Micro-click drag star for precise drag settings
Precision Japanese ABEC-5 spool bearings.
Dual Anti-reverse for maximum reliability.
Quick-set anti-reverse roller bearing.
6-pin velocity control casting system.
Synchronized levelwind optimized for braided line.
On/off clicker for trolling & bait fishing.

SS Main Gear-SS is for stainless steel. Precision cut SS pinion gear, SS drive & spool shafts.

Bait clicker function on 350 & 450 size.
Comes in either Twin Paddle or Power Handle.
Zirconium line guide insert for use with braided line.
Aluminum outside to stainless steel inside.