Lakeview, Nr Bodmin, Cornwall


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Fished here a few times over the last two months, always enjoy my sessions on "Long Island" where bagging large Bream, Roach and Rudd can be achieved, with a bonus Carp thrown in. This is their silvers lake.

Allegedly a certain Paul Gasgoine used to frequent this place to fish (and no doubt the bar too!)

Went there yesterday morning at 6am to find the water level startingly low. I thought at first someone had been messing with the sluice but after a few hours the bailiff came around and told me it was intentionally being drained ahead of netting on Thursday. It was fishable of course and I caught a decent bag of bream, roach and small commons.

The country club owners have decided more money can be made by turning the lake into a leisure activities lake for weekend sales reps, the "team bonding" company getaways and the like:(

The fish are being move to another smaller lake around the back, and a second smaller lake is possibly being dug out later this year.

The specimen lake remains as is.

Little sad really as this place appears to have been an established fishing lake for many years. I've had some cracking bags of bream and big roach from the lake.

Fishermen/women usually always lose out.


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Hi Bob, hope you are well. Have you been down lately. We had a look around in February 2016. Have never fished. Was interested in catching carp. We had a look at lake next to activities lake and only found about one behind main building later(I dont know the lakes names). Has any of them got some nice size carp in. We where thinking of popping down Saturday. Thanks in advance.



I was over a few weeks ago. I don't fish for the carp but the lakes have some lovely roach in them.

The lake next to the activities lake in their specimen lake. Never fished it but allegedly it has some 20s in there, maybe a 30 or two.

I tend to fish the lake down the back lane in amongst the trees which has a mix of silvers and carp. Some shoals of big roach in there, decent perch etc. I've bagged well over 75lb on a good day mainly just roach.

Yes that's me above. My old account (so it doesn't cause confusion), just waiting for the admins to delete it or whatever:). I like the place as I often have the whole place to myself.


My friend was there tonight, he had a 9lb carp and then a 17lber.
I am hoping to go on Saturday morning, It is a well spoke of lake.