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why so meany colours dose line colour make any difference to fish not seeing it?

I was in my local tackle shop on Saturday and noticed there a lot of coloured lines by different manufacture’s

Asking this as its coming to the time of year when I start to re-spool my reels there’s red, black, clear, green, brown, rainbow, plus more colours

I normally buy maxima for float and feeder 4-6lbs

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Shakespeare introduced a fluorescent line at one time. I think it was to help mend the line when trotting but don't quote me, it didn't catch on.
I've always assumed the bright colours are for steelhead fisherman in the USA, I've seen a couple of videos on YouTube where reels are filled with them. Perhaps for the same reason.
I use good old Bayer or Drennan floatfish for trotting and Daiwa Sensor for everything else.
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With the exception of the brightly coloured lines which lure anglers sometime use to be able to track where their lure is I'd say that all these different line colours are a sign of lots of individual preference with very little proof to suggest that any one is definitively better than the other ;)


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I tend to use yellow braid for lure fishing as far as I can tell it's made no difference to what I catch. Fly fisherman have been using bright lines for years.


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Fly fisherman have been using bright lines for years.
Albeit with a tippet of mono/fluoro so not quite the same. I think it can make a difference in certain circumstances but for most of the time probably not. I like clear or at least a very pale line for trotting...for lead work I'm not really that bothered. Pale green to me seems the perfect all round compromise.

I don't like very dark lines but there's no logic to that other than I just don't like them and would fret and get all twitchy about using them just in I don't. Simples.


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Can fish see colours?. I guess they can otherwise male sticklebacks wouldnt turn red to attract mates during breeding season and there are many fish with incredible colour patterns.

I would aim for a transparent, matt line. Maybe with a touch or green or brown to match water colour. However, underwater from below a pale or light coloured line might show up less against the sky, whilst a fish approaching a bait from above may not notice a dark line against the bed.