loading spools


Dave Langford

Can anyone tell me the correct way to load a spool with line?
My mate puts a pencil through the center but i think thats wrong.
Any thoughts?

Nick Gardner

Hi Dave,

I saw a great method which I have just used, which was on one of the Gardner Carpwise Videos. Richard Gardner showed a method that not only makes it easy but also reduces line twist.

First, he makes up a full rod and pulls the line through all the eyes from the new spool and attaches it to his reel. Then he puts the spool where the line is coming from, on the floor on one of its ends so it does not roll around.You should then check which way the line goes onto your reel (clockwise or anti) and then look how it is coming off the spool on the floor. It should come off the spool on the floor the opposite way to reduce line twist i.e If your reel takes line on clockwise, it should be coming of the new spool anti clockwise. You then put your finger on the line and against your rod (abit like if you were going to cast it) and start reeling in your new line, keeping pressure on the line with your finger, so it sits snug on your reel spool.

It might sound abit complex (maybe that how I explained it) but it works very well and I have just loaded 3 reels using it and then line sits great and the line twist is much reduced.

If any of the above is unclear, please let me know.


Philip Inzani

I used to fill my spools exactly like that for ages but pulling the line over the edge of the spool lip does still load the line with some twist -not a huge amount to be fair but there is still twist imparted.
If you want to put the line on the spool with no twist at all the way to do it is to wind it off a spool that is revolving on its edge. Easest way to do that is to chuck the spool in a bucket of water and reel it off that. Sometimes pushing a pencil or siliar through the paper over the hole in the middle will help it to sit better in the water and allow it to rotate as you wind off it.

Carp Angler

I chuck the spools in a bucket of water and then wind the line thru a copy of the yellow pages to give it some tension onto the spool.

David Will

I have also found the bucket of water trick to be excellent.The only other method i would like to try is a scantily clad young lady holding the spool with a pencil.May not get many spools done though.

Stephen Booth

Hi dave, i too have seen the video that Nick has seen. This method does work treats for your line. If you do happen to get anyline twist then gardner tackle have brought out a great little device called the spin doctor. You attact it to your twisted line and cast out. You then reel in and it gets rid of all the line twist you have. As you may know bad line twist give you al sortsof trouble but with the spin doctor you will eventually get good line twists which in a way aid your fishing.
You can purchase a spin doctor for about ?2.00 from any good tackle dealer.

Good luck in your quest
Steve Booth