Lockdown indulgence...

John Keane

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Faced with the prospect of no salmon fishing until April 2021, what did I do? Treated myself to a secondhand Hardy Demon 9000 Salmon Fly Reel. Lovely bit of engineering and it will match the one I already have as it’s always handy to have two rods set up to enable a quick change of line density and method (or in the event of a breakage) The reel uses plastic cassette spools and, in my opinion, has been often copied but never bettered including by Hardy themselves.


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I fear you're on a slippery slope.

I did similar with a Hardy Conquest and now I've got five of the bloody things :eek:mg:

John Keane

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Fly reels and Centrepins, bit like apples and pears Steve. I only own one ‘pin but watch this space...


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I would happily indulge myself but despite my very best efforts I simply cannot find anything I really want....let alone need.

Peter Jacobs

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You should be very happy with the Hardy Demon John as the materials and build qulity are second to none.

I still use an old Hardy Marquis fly reel on occasion and it is as good today as the day it was made.