Long Range Casting.


Andy Blessett

I have a Shimano Ultegra XT 14000 reel loaded to the rim with 12lb Shimano Technium (Tournament Carp)line. This is coupled to a Shimano SYMETRE 2.75 TC rod. The problem I have is that I can't manage to cast a method feeder any further with this equipment than I can with a Baitrunner 6010GT on the same rod and line. The Ultegra, as you know, is designed to cast miles but I'm getting no advantage from it!!, what am I doing wrong?

Alan Roe

Oct 12, 2005
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Could be any one of a number of things the one I would look at most closely is your casting style is that limiting your potential?
Another is the ammount of weight you are casting there is an optimum weight for any given outfit are you attempting to under or overload it?.
Thirdly the rig you are flinging how areodynamic is it

Mike Fidler

I would have thought 4-5 oz is the heaviest weight you could chuck to any sort of distance, My rods are powermesh 2.5tc which currently groan when i cast a big mackeral tail as far as i can. Probable best distance i can get is 50-60 yards. When carping and using richworth method feeders you have got to remember they already weigh an ounce or two and then your method mix and hook bait. I would'nt be suprised if you weighed that set up if it went 7-8oz. That's some lump to cast, have you thought about a bait boat?

Carp Angler

The ideal casting weight for a rod is one ounce per pound test curve, plus half an ounce.
So your 2.75lb would have an ideal casting weight of 2.75 + 0.5 = 3.25oz.
This is a rough guide and depends on the taper and build of the rod.
As mike suggests, a loaded method feeder will weigh about 6oz, consequently you are not casting, but lobbing this weight.
Any attempt at further pressure would probably shatter the rod.
If you were to compare casting distance on the reels using a 3oz lead, then there would be a difference in the distance achieved.
My suggestion to gain further distance would be to cut down on the amount of mix you are using around your feeder, so you are then casting a lighter weight.
Obviously if you are starting to hit your casts hard, then a shockleader would be required, I suggest ESP 15 to 45 tapered, keeping the joining knot very small and neat to allow the feeder to pass over it and not render it a tether rig.

I hope you bought those reels cheap, shops are chucking them out for about ?120 now........

Andy Blessett

Thank you everybody, you've been very helpful. I'll go out and do some casting trials with various leads and see what happens.
I bought the reel for ?70!(still in it's box!)