lure mesh


Dave O'L

Chris Bishop mentioned lure mesh for landing nets on a thread.
Can anyone describe or provide a link to view?

John Pleasance

Harris(see ad to the right)sell this I think,so there may be a pic on there Dave.

Chris Bishop


The stuff I've got feels coarse and stiff, around an inch mesh.

It's hard so kooks don't catch in it. Net a fish with a flying hook, or have one spin up in the net and it doesn't catch and tangle.

For some reason, it doesn't de-slime the fish. If they made it in a smaller, lighter mesh I reckon it would catch on with bait anglers.

The nets, on the other hand, are much too heavy to lug around or use single-handed from a boat.

Dave O'L

Thanks John & Chris.
This mesh buisness gets confusing, it was only last year you were extolling the virtues of the small mesh for my new net, John.
I just got a replacement ensamble as my so called mate in Ireland knicked that one.
This one has a new type of medium mesh that is soft. I can suppose that this isn't too lure friendly then as there are lots of little holes in the net material? if you know what I mean.