Nash daddy long legs indulgence chair


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Sep 11, 2007
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Ross on Wye
I bought this chair two years ago, of ebay from jetty angling for £80 including delivery, and it has been brilliant. I wanted a high chair because I have a bad back I can't do those low chairs.

The mud feet are much larger than the other chair makes I looked at.

I think the second time I used it the stitching in the seat failed, I contacted the supplier and they offered me the choice of returning the chair or they would send a new cover. Changing the cover is simple so I had the new cover. I haven't fitted it yet, the failed stitching has got no worse and does not affect the comfort in anyway.

The seat is very comfortable and the arms are a nice feature, but I have removed them because they made shipping the pole awkward. I weigh over 16 and the leg adjusters have never slipped and the back leg has never collapsed under me.

The quality is fantastic, after two years of abuse, everything still works like new and the finish on the metalwork is unmarked (the seat's a bit dirty and smelly, but I 'spose you can't blame nash for that).

The only downside to the chair is the weight, at about 10kg with the arms, 8kg without, it ain't no lightweight.
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