Northampton Fishing!!


Paco West

Could anyone tell me if there are any good fishing places around northampton.
I would like some big carp and barble. And i like to fish ponds and rivers.
Please help

David Will

Try the Nene for big Carp. Locate Woolpack fisheries Godmanchester.This has lakes and the river Nene all on one complex.As for Barbel you have the River Great Ouse very close.Milton Keynes AA or Newport Pagnel AC both will put you on Barbel.
For more advice search on the net for Barbel and these sites will assist. Tight lines.

Pete Chilly

Join Northampton Nene a.c. ?30 p.a.They control a number of lakes that produce 20,s and even 30,s best one is Ecton on a ?50 supplement.They also control about 5 miles of river Ouse which produces carp and lots of barbel to double figures.They also control much of the R. Nene and the G.U. canal both of which produce Carp esp.The Nene.

The Gaffer

Hi all, there is a small book called Fishing 2001 - The where to fish guide for Northamptonshire and neighbouring counties.(What a mouthfull!)
I've got the old 2000 edition and it was ?1.99 and that has 40 odd venues in it.
I can't remember where I got it from, but inside it has a contact e-mail:
You could ask in Sportsmans Lodge if they sell it as they have an add in it.(Sportsmans Lodge 01604 713399)



Malcolm Bason

Just to add to what the Gaffer has said: the 2001 version of the above is now ?2.50, but has a lot more pages, and, thus more information on more fisheries!