Northern tench and carp

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Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA)

Just got back from Alderfen fishery after a not too productive morning, but the howling gale was driving me to distraction. After chasing my brolley, my unhooking mat and 1/2 the contents of my rucksack across Northern Lincolnshire, (yes the wind was that strong) I came home.

But not after a long chat with one of theco-owners - Dave Walker.

I think we should have a tench/carp fish-in as soon as possible on this fishery. I envisage a session lasting from Saturday morning to Sunday midday with a Saturday evening braai... oooops sorry - barbie.

This would take place some time in July.

Alderfen fishery comprises of 3 lakes, a carp lake with lots of fish between 12 lbs and 25 lbs, a specimen lake with tench averaging 7lbs, the largest taken yet at 8lbs 1oz, together with 2lb rudd, 8 lb bream, 6 lb chuband some big crucians.

There is another lake which has beendeveloped for match fishing.

I propose the last weekend in July.

What do you think?

Donald Bain

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Apr 20, 2008
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I'm up for that Ron!

I'll discuss it with you on Friday..

By the way, I know of some super Tench and Bream fishing to be found in NEDerbyshire, we must try them!

Cheers mate,