Okuma's NEW Blue Azores 8000 Spinning Reel Is Here!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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Okuma's Blue Azores 8K Spinning Reel Is Here!

This reel was at iCast 2019 in Orlando. Slowly the new 4K, 6K & now the 8K has made it's way to your favorite local US tackle shops. These are powerful surf spinners dedicated for the salt-water shore casters. The Blue Azores line was first introduced abroad from Europe to Asia & Australia. I used to see used units for sale on eBay for non-US countries. But the sizing was different (ie like 6500).

New Sizes For The US Market
Original Sizes New Sizing
40 4000
55 6000
65 8000
80 14000

Blue Azores Statistics-
Heavy Duty Bail Wire
Quick Set Anti-Reverse For 6-14K
Hydro Block Water Tight Drag Seal
Precision Machine Cut Brass Pinion Gear
Dual Anti-Reverse For 8K & 14K Models
CRC-Corrosion Resistant Coating Process
HDG11-Corrosion Resistant High Density Gearing
ALC-Rigid Die-Cast Aluminum Body & Side Plate & Rotor
MSS-Carbon Mechanical Stabilization System
Machined Aluminum 2-Tone Anodized Spool w/LCS Lip
6HPB & 1RB Corrosion Resistant SS Bearings
Multi-Disc Carbonite & Felt Drag Washers For DFD
Precision Click Drag Adjustments For Precise Drag Settings
DFD-Dual Force Drag System

(Okuma's Azores Spinning Reels Are Backed By A 1yr Warranty)