Pellet dangers?


Rob Brownfield

Trout are NOT predatory!! They eat much the same as carp do...Pea mussels, bloodworm, various larvae, snails etc. They will take the odd fry, but so do carp. Infact, there diet is almoest identical.

I have never understood this poop about trout pellets causing problems. I have fed carp in a tank purely on trout and salmon pellets and have never had problems. The carp woof them down. And I am not talking about a few months, I am talking of a few years.

On a natural water, the carp would only use the pellets to suppliment its natural diet.

As for uneaten pellets on the bottom, i dont think they are that much of a problem in a normal fishery as they breakdown and are fed upon by all manor of fish. However, in a commercial, heavily fished/baited water this may be a problem.