Resizing images in Photoshop for the FM gallery


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I've copied this over from a thread Cakey started elsewhere. It explains how to get images down to an uploadable size - 100kb is the target.
The answer is to start by creating a copy that's 990px wide - use the 'Image size...' to do this and remember to click the 'chain' symbol to reduce the size proportionally so, as you scale down the width, the height is scaled too. A standard, uncropped image should end up 990px x 659px
The reason for resizing is that nobody has a screen with more than 1200 pixels and websites such as FM aren't even as wide as this. so having 3500px is utterly pointless.
Now you've resized the picture physically, use the Save for Web dialogue. Set jpeg high to keep the quality. Job done. It will not only get the file size where you want it but optimise the image for web use.
If the file size still isn't 100kb or less, use Save for Web process again but this time change the jpeg setting to Medium.
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Maximum recommended size for the FM Gallery (and therefore the Photo Competition) is 990 pixels wide and 100k in size.

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Might be an idea to make this thread a 'sticky' for anyone else that needs to resize? is that possible?


I use a nice free program called FastStone Image Viewer which is free and does all the basics that you need to do without being as complicated as Photoshop.