Rod for the Hampshire Avon



Hi, I'm new to coarse fishing and am interested in fishing my local river, the Hampshire Avon. I'm would like the equipment to allow me to both ledger & trot, and was wondering if one outfit fits both or would it be better to buy 2 rods. Either way, any suggestions for what type(s) of outfit would be a good fit would be appreciated. Thanks.


Rog this is a difficult one to answer.I would strongly urge you to go to one of the good local tackle shops.Be firm though and shop around before buying otherwise you will end up with two rods which is not necessary.An 'Avon rod'(generic term ) is what you need.Daiwa, Shakespeare, Masterline and others do perfectly good examples.
If you are going to fish the Avon consider a season ticket with a local club and seek advice at monthly meetings or have a chat to others on the bank.
Other questions you have will be answered on here so keep asking!.