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Never fished a match before so forgive my ignorance/stupidity etc,

"The competitor will restrict their activities completely to these boundaries, neither his/her person, his/her tackle, his/her hookbaits or groundbaits may intrude into his/her neighbours swim"

so what if i hook, for instance, a carp which roars off into my neighbours swim?

Peter Jacobs

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Then, technically speaking, the fish would have to be released and not retained for weighing.

That said, it seems to me when watching local matches that this rule appears to be largely ignored, especially when pole fishing for carp on commercial venues.

In larger regional matches,and definitely International matches, the rule is strictly applied.


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as Peter says, this rule is generaly ignored in all but the top level matches, such as internationals where the peg boundaries are clearly taped off.

If you do get a good'un on that goes into the next peg, dont be too hasty in trying to get it back into your peg, just let it swim around in the other peg for as long as it wants causing maximum possible disturbance, then when you do get it back in front of you, let it go again to the other side and knacker that peg up as well /forum/smilies/wink_smiley.gif


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Thanks Peter and Beecy, don't think i will taking part in many (truth = any)"top level" matches so Beecys advice looks like a winner./forum/smilies/big_smile_smiley.gif


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its also a good idea to have your heaviest feeder rod set up with some good strong line and a big sea lead, then if the chaps either side let a fish run into your peg you can cast over them, snag the fish and stick it in your own net

( it is advisable to wear body armour and a crash helmet when employing these tactics, or a good pair of running shoes )

glenn melsome

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so you say tape this out does this mean in the water as well or how do you no where your swim starts and ends this must be very hard to extinguish

please state how this is extinguished

Fred Bonney

Beecy,believe it or not,your heavy feeder rod was being used to that effect, in an under 14 year old Lincolnshire match,with dad sitting behind coaching!