Salmon Licence Catch Returns


Paul Wilkinson

I have recently received my reminder from the Environment Agency for my 2002 salmon and sea trout catch returns.
I have dutyfully completed it and sent it back, but on looking at the 2001 returns as published by the EA on the reminder, it is interesting to note that many rivers in the North of England produced better than average rod catches during 2001. Quite remarkable for rivers that were virtually closed for almost the whole of the season due to foot and mouth restrictions, but it must be true because the EA say so! Any comments?

Ian Whittaker

They probably get their info. from the same source as Trout & Salmon magazine!

Keith Hacking

Its funny that they said it was too expensive to write to all salmon licence holders about shortning the sea trout season.And then send me a reminder for my catch returns when i had already sent them the one of my licence.