Seven islands Mitcham common


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Spent a couple of hours down at a place called Seven islands on Mitcham Common today. Gorgeous weather for it. Ended up with a small tench (remarkably) and an equally small Perch. Not much information about the place but it seems as though fish might have been removed not too long ago? I can however confirm that there are still fish in there though. Not sure how though if they were removed? But I did catch a couple. Have they been added illegally? Did they miss these fish? Anyway this is a venue that is worth visiting for a spot of free fishing.

mark halsey

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This lake was drained, a lot of fish left to die before anglers took matters in their own hands and removed fish (a lot of tench went in the Wandle) from the stinking mud puddles left when it was drained down.

There will of course be survivers buried in the liquid mud which recovered when the lake was refilled, but unless it's been restocked it hardly inspiring.

If you google it, you will find all the info you need spread about on a couple of forums. Basically those that were in charge of the draining and rescue were idiot, rank amateur muppets at best and negligent and cruel at worst.
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