Short Session Carpin'


Dave Slater

I enjoyed the article very much Dave. Like you I don't have unlimited fishing time and I couldn't contemplate the type of carp fishing many of today's anglers do.
If I keep struggling on the rivers the way I have been doing this season so far I may well get the carp rods out for a change. It will have to be short session fishing if I do, so I have read your article with great interest.

Les Clark

Good article Dave,I must admit,my weakness/downfall,is that I tend to take too much gear,bait,I can never make my mind up on two or three,I take shed load`s,just in case,must cut down.

Dave Rothery

my dad laughs at the amount of gear i take - he gets all his in a carrier bag!

Roy Sutton

New member
Great little article. Similar to my own short session fishing, these tactics can also be used for overnight(prior to work) sessions for barbel,tench and bream.
From my experience review every item of gear and only take the absolute minimum, otherwise your knackered before you start and reluctant to move onto those feeding fish.

Chris Hammond

Well-known member
Hi Dave,

Some handy advise there. I'm hoping to put in a few short sessions myself, (When the weathers cooled off a bit. Roll on the autumn!)

I like the funnel web P.V.A stuff, and I like your tip about pre-tying the bags. Is it pretty robust if stored as made up bags? Does the type of boilie (i.e how moist.)affect it's stability at all?

Regards Chris