Silstar Tradition Match 600 Rod



Anyone ?
I am interested in buying a Silstar Tradition match rod, 20 footer, Model number 3867/600 but I can find nothing about on the 'net or at all.

I am left wondering if it is up to the mark and equivalent to a decent modern rod, or is it going to be some soft floppy lead weighted old clunker from the 80's....

Any opinions or advice from anyone in the know ? Much appreciated if so....

Cheers all

Peter Bishop

New member
If its a Silsar it will be an old model ( maybe 10 years) from a company that now no longer exists,very heavy to handle for anything over a hour or so.
There are much better and lighter rods available now. Avoid.


Gotcha, and thank you.... was concerned it might be a heavy old broom handle, especially at 20 feet length ! Particularly when I couldn't find anything about the model at all on t'internet. That hasn't happened in a long time ! What did we do without it....

I like a long rod on occasion, and I'm trying hard to replace my Browning Aggressor 15 footer (broken middle section) with something similarly light and wand-like despite the length, but no joy so far.

Oh well, back to the search button..... :)

Ron 'The Hat' Clay (ACA)

I have an old MAP 20 footer and quite honestly it's a wrist breaker.

The 17 foot MAP or Preston Innovations rod is much better and as long as you need.

For big fish I have a Daiwa S Match Mk III at 15 feet. It's ideal for heavy duty trotting for chub and even barbel.

Alan Roe

I had one of the old Silstar 20 foot jobs and quite honestly I would suggest that you look for something else it is a wrist cracker

Nigel Connor(ACA ,SAA)

MAP Ultra II 15 footer.Very nice and light.Paid ?90 odd quid on e-bay for mine.Ron is doing a favourable review on the 17ft version I think.