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Goose Ganderton

Have any of you guys bought or used one of the new Free Spirit specalist rods. I have had a quiver nicked from my car which had a couple of 1 1/4tc rods in which I now have to replace and just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on these new rods.

Alan Roe

Oct 12, 2005
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Sorry to hear about your loss Goose I hope that the perpetrators get a suspended sentence...Rope ...lampost...suspend by the neck!!
As regards the free spirit rods I have had no personal experience of them but trawling around the net seems to have thrown up one or two people that have had some problems with them.
For the same sort of money there is a lot of choice around at the moment a trip round a few tackle dealers may well be worth doing.

Chris Warren

I have a Free Spirit 1.5 lb with both tops and think it is absolutely top notch. It has plenty of backbone with a forgiving tip and the finish is great. You wont be disappointed. Regards, Chris W


Managing Editor
Feb 23, 1999
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If you want to read a review of the Free Spirit Specialist rod, click on search and then type 'free spirit' in the box and click on search again.

Then have a look at the Daiwa review that's on the front page now.

A review of the Harrison's Barbel rod will follow soon too.

All three are good rods and it'll come down to what feels right to you. But do yourself a favour and make sure you have a play with all three before you commit yourself. One of them will be just right for you.

Paul Williams

Goose, i've got a few Harrison rods and i love em, mine range from a couple of 1-11/4 tc 12 ft, i love these tools and they will knock them up just as you want them (eg. full cork handle etc)if you want a bit more poke then their barbel rods are nice too. I could do with a third if they are reading!!!!!

Ron Clay

Have you seen the new Fox range of Barbel & Specialist Rods. I've just bought myself a 12 ft 2 pc 1lb TC Specialist and for the money I think it's excellent. It has a full cork handle with a down locking reel seat. Two tops, one of them incorporating a quiver and single leg Fuji rings. My friend Mick Lomas was also very impressed with the action although he has reservation regarding the single leg guides. My only criticism is lack of a keeper ring and the first guide being too far away from the butt for really effective centre-pin fishing. Still you can't complain at ?89.99. can you?

Neil Wayte

Does anyone know the price of the Harrison 1 1/1/4 because I'm looking for some rods suitable for Feeder fishing for roach.