spinnerbait evolution part 3; downsizing


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heres the mk4;

as the title suggests this one is a little bit smaller than previous versions, hopefully it will fish a little better in thick cover and be an easier meal for a perch or two, hence the red grub. Im using 0.024'' wire, which is very flexible and will allow the bait to remain stable even with a fast retrieve.

The wire loop connected to the hook sits horizontally so I only need to use one split ring to get the hook to sit right.

The hooks have changed from 5/0 to 3/0, and the weight has gone from 10 grams to 5 grams.

The painted blade will add a bit of colour, and it is slimmer than a colorado blade, more of a french blade really which will help it ease through the weed better..... hopefully :p

thanks for looking any comments welcome