Stakehill, Middleton (Absolute Angling)


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Oct 17, 2011
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Tried out a new spot at weekend and thought i'd share my experience with everyone!

Absolute Angling at Stakehill in Middleton (M24 2RX) has 5 waters. The balif (a friendly chap) advised us that lake 2 was good for "bit bashing" and was fishing the best at the moment. As I was with the boy, thought that would be our best bet! When we got there it took a while to find! Its a little black gate on the left as you drive up Stakehill Lane, directly opposite Finlan Road. (Added it to my map if you need to see for youself).

A short walk to the first lake and first impressions were, it's pretty small! And so was lake 2! Lake 3 was bigger and I think 4 and 5 are bigger still but didn't walk that far up!
Taking on the balifs advice, we set up on lake 2. I set up the boys rod and before I'd got my bait in the water, he pulled out a nice plump Roach! Sign of things to come we hoped! I got my setup done, fishing an 11m pole at about 8m into a gap in some reeds near the bank. Caster on a size 20 hook, 2lb 0.10 hooklength and 4lbs 0.12 mainline to a size 8 elastic. Cupped in half a small pot of maggots, casters and pinkies.

Started pulling out little roach pretty much straight away but it wasnt long until something bigger was hooked! The elastic stretched as I shipped in a nice little carp! Couple of pounds probably, but still, not bad for a bit bashing pond! Then within 15 minutes I had another, and another, and another! They just kept on coming! I had 6 carp in total and the boy had 4! 10 between us was a PB by far!

The highling of my day came after the 3rd carp, I hooked into what I thought was another one. It wasn't until I got it in closer and saw the black and green stripes on the side of it! Nice big fat Perch! I recon it was about 1.5 - 2lbs! (Any other opinions welcome though, I'm usless at guessing weight!) Either way, it's certainly another PB for me!

After I'd pulled out my 6th carp, the boy saw I was doing well so proceeded to invade my swim! A habbit of his that i'm hoping he will grow out of! Chuking maggots in everywhere and fishing about 2 feet from my float but after 10 minutes or so of not catching anything, and well and truly ruining my swim, he moven on to the next peg! There were no more fish for me after that!

Weather wasn't the best. Bit cold, bit of a wind and broken clouds but the fishing was still good! I'll definitely be back there again next weekend! Only a fiver too! Think juniors are 4 quid but the balif let him off! Good day had all round!


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Dec 23, 2015
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Hi all , well if anyone reads this its 2016 and I can tell you after not fishing Stakehill waters for 2/3years due to it being full of kids idiots messing around at the time I started to fish it again last summer and I can say what a fantastic water I fished lakes 1 and 2 and had some fantastic days on there upto 70pound nets !! . Gary the guy who runs them and Rhodes lodges is a real genuine nice guy and will always help and be true full how they are fishing . He has also opened a tackle shop now in Middleton an I for 1 wish him all the best . What I will say is Stakehill doesn't seem to fish well in the colder months which is strange as their solid with roach and skimmers . There is a little bit of a walk to get to them but it is usually well worth it . I must also add at £5 a day it's awsome value for money . Lake 1 holds a nice head of tench some big bream solid with roach and skimmers plus f1s carp to over 20lbs plus has perch to over 3lbs I believe . Lake 2 my favirate is solid roach/skimmers good head of tench crucians , some nice bream carp to 14lb . This pond in summer you can almost garenteea bite a chuck and not know what's next .pond 3 has a massive head of f1s plus roach and skimmers this fishes harde I believe that's down too lack of it being fished really . 4/5 a lot of the specimen lads fish them for the carp so I have no experience on them . I hope this helps in sure if anyone has any questions or needs help you can contact Gary on 07853 128741 he is always helpful or message me on here . Many thanks Andy