Stew Pond, Epsom


Just wondering if anyone's fished this small day ticket water on Epsom Common?

Any hints or tips? I know its quite a shallow water, at only 4 or 5 ft deep.


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I have. Can't remember much , it was 55 years ago! Can remember the rig though, a stickleback net.

Surprised it hasn't been filled in and built on, I think my Dads old pub still stands though.


I was down there twice this week.


A short three hour session. I put a quivertip out with a small maggot feeder on it and a short hook length with a couple of maggots on hook bait. I was in before the feeder had even come to a rest. A small bream of about 1lb. THis was a sign of things to come as the bream were on the feed.

Second rod was just a standard float set up and it was good for catching small roach and rudd.

In all I had about 6 or 7 fish out.


Bit of a longer session today. About 6 hours in total.

Not a very productive day. Only a couple of very small rudd and one tiny bream.

The young lad in the swim next to me said he had blanked on the last three or four visits.

At about 11AM three eastern Europeans rocked up being as loud as they could. They were swigging from beer cans which they left all over the bank. They had no landing net or unhooking mat. They stayed for about an hour and then disappeared.

I had a good chat with the bailiff. He told me I was probably in the best swim on the lake.

In all its not a bad little lake to fish.