Swivel to Elastic - Pole Fishing Setup


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Nov 9, 2015
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South Yorkshire.
Unless there's wind I fish no more than a six-inch lash, when fishing for roach of Ide shallow I have no more than a three-inch lash. When fishing fo carp in the margin or more to the point paste bites are so quick the elastic moves before bites can be hit. I suppose it depends on the length of your lash, I'm attuned to fishing as short as I can.
I've never ever considered that the dacron connector impeded the hooking of any fish. I can't see any reason how the dacron connector is anything other than better to use than a plastic connector, the first major plus is dacron can't damage the pole if it were to pingback after losing fish, like hard plastic can.
Dacron is easier to connect the rig line to than opening a connector by moving a small sleeve then sliding it back in place, dacron is also better to disconnect your rig.
Even when it's windy with a back shot included the angle you get from the connector to the float would negate any movement that the dacron makes, if indeed the 1 1/4 inch of dacron does make a split-second delay in the strike. When I get a bite I'm too busy to watch the dacron connector.
That was supposed to be my quick reply.