TAISIONER MOUNT! For GoPro & Smartphones!

Scuba Chris

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Jan 25, 2018
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This Quick Look is at the 2nd Generation Unit!

The second generation has vast improvements over the original. The PBT plastic is much thicker. I had both gens last year but gave away the 1st generation that had a separation in the back. There's no back separation on the newer version. It may look flimsy but it's very sturdy. I walked around the park with it today using a GoPro & my iPhone. Gotta admit the images were very stable. No discomfort from wearing the mount. The iPhone image stabilization looked like i used a 3-way gimbal.

I feel it may not be better than my current ActionHat for what i specifically do for my YouTube channel. It's different. Both units offer great advantages in stable shooting. For my fishing videos i still prefer the angles my ActionHat provides. But now for night shooting i can use the Taisioner for my shooting while using my Fenix Headband for my light source. Before i had to attach my GoPro to my night shooting lamp via a housing unit. That's a lot of weight mounted on my head. For my usage using the 2 together mounted in different areas may give me alternative angles.

Just might be interesting using 2 action camera mounts together to see which one gives you the best footage angle in the field. I was even thinking of using my GoPro extending motorcycle mounts on my ActionHat to slightly "look down" on the action. This approaching summer will hopefully provide some interesting field shoots.



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