Taunton and Bridgwater Canal


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May 28, 2013
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Hi There does anyone one fish the BW&T canal?, ive fished up and down it from Creech st Michael all the way to Maunsell Lock, but no tench or bream, and for the past 2 month ive tried to locate them, running 4 miles up and down, even on hot and wet days, I fished at greenway this week and seen one lot of tench bubbles in the 4 hours I were there, but no luck, I know for a fact though they are up near the Boat and Anchor end of Bridgwater, Ive seen so many, but id really like to just locate these fish in Taunton any help would be gratefully appreciated, Thank Ryan.

PS Ive tried raking areas out and fishing over depth pre baiting, also Red Maggots Corn and worm and caster with lift method, I managed an Eel lol,